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We are premium Wedding and Event DJ’s based in Devon, covering the entire South West of England.

Everybody dreams of an amazing experience at their wedding or event, where the music is expertly mixed and the atmosphere is electric.

We have years of experience spinning tunes at weddings, parties, birthdays and corporate events, we guarantee an exceptional night of music tailored to you and your guests tastes.

Laura and Rob
As PERFECT WEDDING DJs we specialise in the absolute best in wedding entertainment. No compromises! Full Setup included.
Party time! Disco and DJ Devon
As PERFECT EVENT DJs & RETRODISCO we offer superior DJs for Birthdays from 21st to 60th+, Balls, Proms, Corporate, 60s-70s-80s-90s Nights, House, Dance Classics, House, Indie, Rock, Motown, Hip Hop, Soul
First Dance, Wedding DJ
We are super proud of our Reviews and Testimonials, check them out here.

We are well known for our skilled DJs and professional approach, also ensuring we have backup staff available in case of breakdown or illness.
We are very in demand so book your date early.

Contact: Email:  Phone: 07989 411760

Wedding DJ First Dance Bedford Hotel Tavistock
Sam and Sarah Knight

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being the DJ at our wedding. You absolutely nailed the setlist. I had so much positive feedback from so many people about how good you were”
Wedding DJ Humber Barn, First Dance, Devon
Naomi and Leigh

“Thank you so much, the night was incredible, we didn’t want it to end! – 5 Stars”
Wedding Disco and DJ, Hallsannery House, Devon
Amy & Jon

“Thank you so much for your entertaining us for our wedding reception. We had a fantastic time! and we appreciated you catering to our tastes, you did an fantastic job! I’m so grateful you could find our last minute first dance request!  Jon did a great job at finding you.” 

More Reviews can be found on our main site on the Reviews Page.

Award Winning Wedding DJ and Disco
Rock My Wedding Recommended Wedding DJ
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The below info is from the Wedding DJ and  QA page of our main site.

Questions? of course! Many people don’t book a DJ very often.

With this info we try to be unbiased and it’s not full of sales chat either.

Many answers are here, if not please get in touch.

There are lots of DJs, how are we different?

Our small team (3) of highly experienced Wedding and Event DJs are skilled at what they do and well known for being amongst the most sought after in the region. We have multiple Awards between us for our work.

We are always extremely professional and approachable. We concentrate on being DJs, with a only a small amount of  ‘on topic’ extra services (PhotoPod, Love Letters, Uplights), rather than trying to be everything for everyone, it shows in our performance for sure.

Our DJs work in a friendly manner to build up a performance based around their own, the clients and guests preferences, taking requests on the night and building the vibe using their own experience.

All music genres including Dance, Chart, R&B, House, Rock, Indie, Disco etc are catered for, our skills are broad.

Most importantly we LOVE TO DJ, and nothing is better than seeing happy dancers and a rocking dancefloor!

Why choose us for your Wedding?

The evening entertainment is the single longest part of the day, so needs to be done right, and we’d love to be in charge of that task for you.

The average wedding has a guest count of 40-200 people, of all ages and musical tastes, all to entertain at once, it’s no mean feat to get the balance and to keep everyone interested.

In a nightclub, people are there for the music genres that the club offers, at a concert the audience go for the band and it’s musical style, but at a wedding, everyone is there, from kids to mum and granny, all enjoy something different and that’s where a skilled, experienced Wedding DJ shines over a less experienced or a DJ who specialises in another area (club DJ etc).

We have DJ’d at many hundreds of Weddings and Events and according to our Reviews and Testimonials, have hit the quality spot nicely.

Of course specialising in Weddings doesn’t mean being ‘generic’ and playing the same old songs, absolutely not, that’s where we endeavour to be different than other DJ’s, we strive to include the songs that others might not, the lost classics, your favourite songs from college or university, the stuff that defines you as an individual and as a couple. If dance, techno, indie, rock, etc is your thing, we’ll make it happen!

What equipment do you bring?

We bring a full DJ setup with all that you need, and none of what you don’t, rather than selling different sizes of equipment ‘packages’ and asking the client to choose the size, we prefer to bring the right equipment for the job as standard, rather than offering undersized / oversized setups, it keeps it simple for you and ensures the best sound and light for the event.

How much do you charge?

This depends on date, time, location, equipment needs etc, so it’s variable. We do offer several packages, some options would be:

  1. Wedding DJ with Full Setup from £395
  2. Wedding DJ with Full Setup + Photobooth/Pod from £675
  3. DJ with Full Setup + Photobooth/Pod + LOVE Letters from £775
  4. Event DJ with Smaller Setup from £345
  5. Event DJ with Full Setup from £395
  6. ‘All Day’ Wedding DJ, afternoon music and evening party from £545

    Add ons:

We maintain a competitive edge with our like-for-like offerings. Our services are skilled and of high quality, so while our prices aren’t rock-bottom, they are often lower than quotes for comparable high-end services. We strive to achieve the ideal balance between superior quality and fair pricing.

Sandy Cove Ilfracombe Wedding DJ and Disco

How far ahead should we book?

It’s advisable to book as early as possible since we are quite sought-after, particularly for summer Weddings, Christmas, and New Year’s events. Customers often book our services months, a year, or even two years in advance to secure their desired date. However, if your event is approaching soon, do get in touch, with several DJs on our team, we may still have availability for last-minute bookings.

What’s your DJ style?

Most classy events these days do not want a waffling, banter filled evening! Equally a rigid DJ who doesn’t say anything at all is not that inviting or very approachable either. We carefully balance our mic input based on the event and what’s needed. Some events need more, some hardly any.

Will you work with a Sax Player/Singer/Drummers etc?

Yes definitely, we know some really good ones, we would be happy to get on board for your event. We’ve worked with many, so know the ones to book based on experience! Ask us for our recommendations.

Will you play music we like?

Always! We actively encourage you to let us know your tastes and styles, to add into the evening. Our DJs are highly skilled and can work with your choices and add in our own ‘go to’ selections to ensure a seamless night of music to entertain all. We try to give all guests something to dance to, with a big nod to your tastes and styles. For theme nights and regular parties, the music is even more flexible and will be selected to suit the occasion perfectly. DJs are selected from our small team to match the styles of music you mention as your favs!

We love House, Techno, Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Indie, R&B…..etc, will you play it?

Absolutely! We take pride in the fact we will play more diverse styles, whilst we always keep an eye on the party to ensure everyone is catered for, less mainstream music is often just what a party needs to keep going all night. If you are into something interesting, we try to have a bit of a ‘session’ as the evening progresses. As mentioned above, DJs will be selected from the team based on the music preferences you mention during booking. You can also ban certain styles too!

Torn between DJ or band?

A skilled DJ boasts a far larger repertoire compared to most bands. DJs can provide thousands of tracks across every conceivable genre. In contrast, even the finest bands may only master around 50 songs and are limited to styles that match their instruments and abilities.

A good band, costs a lot more than a similar grade DJ too, the main thing with bands, is that they will only tend to play for 90 mins or 2 hours, the average evening event is 4 to 5 hours, a DJ will fill the entire time. Some bands offer fill in music or ‘dj’, but this is almost always an ipod/phone with a playlist, it doesn’t offer any atmosphere, or flexibility.

If you’re keen to have a band, consider having both! We frequently collaborate with bands to ensure a diverse and complete evening. However, we are also fully equipped to provide a night of quality entertainment by ourselves.

Our venue requires Public Liability Insurance, do you have this?

Yes we have £10 million Public Liability and PAT tested equipment

How about LGBTQ+ Events?

Most definitely, this is one of our favourite types of event/wedding, we have a page for you here.

Got another question? Please get in touch. Or use the Contact Form below:

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